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Scan2Net® for True Network Scanning

Better than just another client software package, Scan2Net® scanners integrate into existing networks without additional drivers or PCs
Unrivalled performance, highest security, low connectivity cost

The Scan2Net® platform is the technological foundation of all WideTEK® and Bookeye® scanners from Image Access. It replaces the proprietary scanner drivers and software that traditional scanners require with the fastest common, nonproprietary connection available: TCP/IP over Ethernet. With network interface speeds much higher than USB or SCSI, Scan2Net devices are able to reach unrivaled performance at very low connectivity cost. The Linux based operating system is dedicated to scanner specific imaging and mechanical control tasks, further maximizing scanning speeds and performance.

Features of Scan2Net® Scanners:

 64bit Linux operating system with real time processing kernel
 Failsafe file system, factory installed disaster-recovery hard disk partition
 Fully virus protected, USB ports are only temporarily mounted for write operations
 Dual/quad core 1,8 - 3GHz processer with build in graphics engine and X-Windows
 2 – 8 Gigabytes of scanner memory for longest scans and largest jobs
 Output to SMB shares, FTPservers, Email, scanner USB ports and more
 On the fly rotation, compression crop & deskew for fastest operation
 Single and multipage file formats, PDF, PDF-A, JPG, TIFF, G4, BMP, PNG and more
 Supported printers include Canon, Oce, HP, Epson and other network printers
 Supported operating systems are 32/64 bit Windows including WIN8, Linux, Mac-OS, Android
 Network: 1GB/s TCP/IP, only one IP address and a browser required to run the scanner
 Supported web browsers: IE7, IE8, Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more
 Wireless mobile operation via Scan2Pad® for iPADs, Android tablets, smart phones

Connecting Scan2Net® scanners is a snap. Simply connect power and an Ethernet cable directly to a PC or to your organization´s network. Then, assign a valid IP address to your newly acquired Scan2Net® scanner, start your browser and scan. It´s as easy as that! An intuitive menu leads the user quickly to their desired feature, whether operating your scanner from the touchscreen or your favorite browser. Select document size and file format, image orientation, output mode, color mode; press the start button and scan. If the settings aren´t exactly what you wanted, many of them can be modified for optimal results without needing to rescan the document.

Although Scan2Net® scanners are sophisticated optoelectronic devices, there is no need for stringent maintenance plans and costly onsite service calls. If a unit is no longer delivering the desired results; it can be connected to the Internet for remote diagnosis and in most cases, a quick solution to the problem. At Image Access, our support technicians not only respond to service inquiries but actually spend more time educating operators in the optimal use of our products, which enables customers to use their scanners more effectively.

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The Scan2Net® Difference

The fundamental difference in architecture between Image Access scanners equipped with Scan2Net® and scanners from other vendors is the Scan2Net® technology. It achieves higher image quality, faster and more reliable scanning as well as host PC independent performance.

Traditional scanners rely heavily on the scanner driver which runs inside the PC. These drivers incorporate third party software parts which may have been developed for other purposes and therefore are probably not the best choice for a scanner driver. The performance of a traditional scanner also relies on the capabilities and resources of the host PC which in many cases are already used up by other non scanner related tasks.

All Scan2Net® scanners feature at least a dual core 64bit processor with 2 – 8 GB of memory, a minimum of a 160 GB hard disk and a high speed, multiple camera interface board. This computer takes over all imaging and machine control tasks through it´s real time enabled Linux OS and can run in parallel to the host PC, effectively doubling the computing power of the scanning station.

Advantages Provided by Scan2Net®:

Fast and simple integration into existing network structures without software installation.

In a Scan2Net® scanner, all image processing is performed inside the scanner. No third party libraries like JPEG compression DLLs can erode the quality of the images. Only the clean, compressed file is send to the network, the PC, the cloud or anywhere in the Internet,. This not only reduces traffic but preserves much more resolution.

Scan2Net® Software Solutions - Building on Scan2Net®'s Native Functionality

ScanWizard offers users an extensive set of scanning tools and image treatment functions.
Nothing to install or update on client PCs. Full functionality, always up to date.

ScanWizard is part of the Scan2Net® platform running inside the scanner and offers an extensive set of scanning tools and image treatment functions.

ScanWizard is essentially a Java script application which runs on any browser. It is operated like a desktop program and has the same look & feel on all platforms. It is simple and intuitive and is included at no additional cost and with no installation effort.


Scan2Pad® - Flexible Scanning from iPad or Android Tablet

Mobile Scanning from Tablet PCs Changes the Way You Work

Scan2Pad® allows Image Access scanners to be controlled using an iPad or an Android tablet or even a smartphone running Android version 3.2 or higher. Experience a new way to work with our book scanners and large format scanners and see how simple it is to operate them using our mobile technology, Scan2Pad®.

Scan2Pad® is available for the iPad free of charge in the iTunes Store. Look for the App "Scan2Mobile" or simply search for Bookeye® or WideTEK.

For Android Tablets and Smartphones, download the App with a single mouse click right here on our home page. Just click on Scan2Pad®.

Scan2Pad® Features & Functionality

Scan2Pad® for all Scan2Net® Scanners!

Scan2Pad® supports all book scanners and book copiers with the brand name Bookeye® as well as all WideTEK® wide format scanners. The latest generation of scanners such as the Bookeye® 4, the WideTEK® 36C or the flatbed scanner WideTEK® 25 can be addressed as separate wireless access points, making them ideal for use with multiple systems in the public domain.


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